Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which permanent satisfaction of needs is to be guaranteed by preserving the natural regeneration ability of the systems involved (especially living beings and ecosystems).


Unfortunately, Thai shrimp farming is repeatedly unfairly criticized because media representatives shine with dangerous half-knowledge and showmanship. Of course, mistakes have been made in the past and there is still room for improvement. The importance of mangrove forests has now also been recognized here. Large-scale reforestation is being promoted and illegally occupied areas are being reintegrated into the national parks. The trend continues towards extensive population densities, the integration of compensation areas for water improvement and its reuse. Fisheries authorities and local associations take care of further training for farmers, especially in the area of ​​sustainability. The police and immigration authorities are strictly against human trafficking and wage slavery. Industrially produced shrimp from Thailand are harmless, the official European control density is good and you can eat them with a clear conscience.

Agriculture, whether animal breeding or plant cultivation, always has an impact on its environment!

We, Sangchan Co. Ltd. However, we go one step further and carry an enlightened, sustainable idea within us. It is only with nature for the benefit of people and animals.

We guarantee that our environment is treated with care. The ponds are allowed to dry out completely after harvesting. Bacteria break down any remaining nutrients and the sun’s UV rays disinfect naturally. Therefore, we do not need any disinfectants, such as Chlorine. This way we preserve the natural biology in our ponds.

As a pond preparation, we only use natural stone powder such as dolomite and quicklime.

The ponds are only filled with filtered good fresh water once at the beginning. This prevents fish / shrimp enemies from getting into the pond. Only the water losses caused by evaporation or seepage are supplemented. Water changes do not take place, which results in an enormous saving of the resource water. Regular water checks, low stocking densities and the use of natural raw materials ensure maximum comfort for the shrimp. Probiotic bacteria displace dangerous pathogens, break down mud and clarify the pond water.

Our stock is so-called SPF larvae (specific pathogen free). We therefore know that the animals have the best genetic requirements and are healthy.

We source the high protein feed from certified manufacturers. Good feed control is essential for us. If there is food leftovers from the last feeding on the pond floor, feeding is only carried out when these have also been eaten. We prevent the water quality from deteriorating due to rotten food. Our feed raw material is spared; Feed quotient of 1.1-1.2 reached.

The interactions between the environment / shrimp / management are optimal for us. No illnesses have occurred since then and we can completely do without antibiotics.

The presence of zooplankton (Rotifier, Cyclops, Chironomidae ) in the pond is a sure indicator of healthy biology.

During the three-month production phase, our employees manually remove the grass growing on the edge. Weed killers are then not used.

Finally, we would like to mention that we very much appreciate and support our employees. In addition to a good working atmosphere, their economic situation is also important to us. They can live well on their income and are covered by social and health insurance. The accommodations are free of charge and with solar power also free of additional costs.

This closes the cycle of sustainability. People, animals and resources are spared and only exposed to a minimum of stress.

Analysis of our used water source