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“It’s always noticeable when someone talks about things that they understand.”

Helmut Kaeutner

Benefit from our experience!!

More than 20 years ago, the foundation stone for the enthusiasm for aquaculture and its variations was laid. The fascination has remained to this day.

In a trout farm, the basic knowledge of fishing was acquired during the three-year apprenticeship. Completed the technican school of fishery with success and managed a troutfarm with a net production of 150 tonnes in Germany for many years.

Then in 2015 we have Sangchan Co. Ltd. founded in Thailand, where a culture of fish farming has existed for thousands of years. With the learning of the language and the ever growing circle of friends of locals, the door opened, especially the “Farang”, who soon became known all over town. We were able to learn the traditional craft of shrimp farming, which has been practiced here since the 1970s, directly from experienced Thais, who are still available to offer advice, connections and support.

With constant willingness to learn, many years of experience in the field of fishing and the consistent application of our corporate philosophy, we were able to make a name for ourselves here, and triple our production within three years, now to around 50t.

In order to ensure safe and healthy production and thus the necessary profitability, in addition to the necessary specialist knowledge, state-of-the-art analysis devices, such as a photospectrometer and other digital measuring devices are used. These have become indispensable in shrimp farming in order to promote animal welfare.

We measure:

  • oxygen
  • temperature
  • pH
  • alkalinity
  • nitrate
  • nitrite
  • conductivity 
  • TDS
  • Minerals like: Magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, chloride, ….etc.

In addition to the sustainable, traditional forms of production, modern, environmentally friendly breeding methods were added to our expertise bit by bit. So-called clear water or biofloc indoor RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) are modern, technical production facilities with minimal impact on the environment. These are used for both fresh and salt water.

Aquaponics completes the value chain during the production phase and beyond. Vegetables can then also be produced using the nitrogen-containing water.

Annual growth rates in fisheries of at least 8% have been constant for years. As the world’s population increases, the demand for valuable protein as food will continue to grow.

We want to continue to do our part. It is our responsibility to produce sustainably healthy food that is well above average in terms of quality, leaving healthy, unpolluted soils for future generations, and not neglecting animal welfare.

As an entrepreneur or investor, you can benefit from our experience:

  • technical advice on shrimp, fish farming and fish farming circulation systems
  • Propagation and cultivation of salmonids
    sustainable shrimp production
  • Biofloc
  • Hygiene management
  • Pond construction
  • Modification of existing uneconomical systems
  • Construction supervision and advice
  • Automation through the use of control and measurement technology
  • Water treatment and improvement
  • Soil analysis and evaluation (in cooperation with a university)
  • Evaluation of water analyzes
  • Pond preparation measures
  • Probiotics
  • Feed management
  • Stock management shrimp / salmonids / tropical farm fish
  • Employee training in theory and practice
  • Optimization of work processes
  • Increase the production of your fish farm
    through the use of technology and monitoring
  • Technical advice and experimental support for scientific investigations
  • Evaluations and economic considerations
  • Defense in the company
  • Consulting aquaponics / hydroponics

We advise various breeders and investors worldwide in the field of aquaculture. Since the respective conditions differ drastically from each other (climate, soil conditions, topography, local conditions, etc.), we offer you initial advice. This includes a feasibility study, analysis of the fish / shrimp species to be bred and an economic assessment.

The scope of the consultancy work and on-site visits (approx. 2-4 days per month depending on expenditure) are regulated in a consultancy contract. Upon request, we are of course available at any time by phone, email or Skype.

We are independent consultants and do not sell you any equipment or parts, we want to help you make the right choice.

If you are interested in specialist advice on one of our specialist areas of expertise, please contact us. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

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