The origins for the use of probiotics lie in ancient Greece. The term probiotic, derived from the Greek term “for life”, was coined for the first time in modern times by the Russian-Ukrainian Nobel laureate Ilja Iljitsch Metchnikoff. As early as 1907, Metchnikoff attributed the very long average lifespan of the Bulgarian population to their frequent consumption of fermented milk products, thereby laying the foundations for today’s use of probiotics.

Initially we grew our own strains of bacteria that were used weekly.

Their origin dates back almost 100 years and was first used by Japanese Koi breeders.

However, the following problems arose for us:

Since the conditions change with each batch of the liquid nutrient solution (temperature, solar radiation, water quality, etc.) you can never say which bacteria is preferred. Consistent quality is therefore not guaranteed. In the worst case, you even get strains that can have a negative effect.

So we started looking for  products that met our demanding requirements and was easy to use.


Where and how probiotic bacteria work:
right after filling the pond
48h after probiotic application
72h after probiotic application

Since we are independent consultants, we do not want to give you an explicit recommendation. It should only give you an overview of which products we have worked with or are still working with.

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Aquastar Pond (in Thailand Plife) probiotic culture

HEPA-Protect aqua (immune stimulant)



SANOcare  PUR (desinfectant for all stuff)

SANO Top S (immune stimulant)

SANOlife PRO-W (microbial water conditioner)