(Single probiotic, hybrid word from Latin for ‘for’ ‘and ancient Greek for bios’ life’), are food or feed that contain viable microorganisms. They are among the functional food products. Ingested in sufficient quantities, probiotics can have a health-promoting effect on the host organism.
Source: Wikipedia

Fish pathogens and demanding pond conditions in shrimp and fish farming are common problems. Unfavorable conditions have an impact on growth and can lead to deaths and losses for the farmer. There is a need for safe and sustainable solutions that help achieve constant aquatic animal production. The complexity of the aquatic rearing environment requires a strategy based on a thorough understanding of all interaction levels in the pond.

Probiotics stabilize the water quality, improve the soil quality of the pond and support the intestinal health of fish and shrimp. This improves performance and efficiency in production.



  • Improves water quality
  • Enzymatic effect supports digestion
  • Creates inhibitory compounds against pathogens
  • Competitive exclusion of pathogens
    Improves the immune response



  • Improved growth and health performance
  • Better survival
  • Stronger localized immune response
  • Improved formation of bacterial flakes
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduced pond sludge
  • No negative side effects, no waiting times

We have been successfully using probiotics and herbal extracts from various manufacturers for years. Their strength and reliability convinced us 100% and we can confirm the advantages listed above.

Disease prevention before treatment!

right after filling the pond
48h after probiotic application
72h after probiotic application